ERASMUS+ KA2 "Clinical Key for Electrical Stimulation in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation"

Project number – 2021-1-TR01-KA220-VET-000032970
Project Duration: 30 months (February 2022 – August 2024) 

The project aims to prepare teaching and learning materials about electrostimulation methods and their application possibilities in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Improving the knowledge and education in electrotherapy, as well as the knowledge of physiotherapists on ES in compliance with European standards are the expected results of this project. Because the strategy of this project is internationalized, standardized electrical stimulation technologies and support for the development of physiotherapists can be achieved.

Electrophysical agents use electrotherapy for both evaluation and treatment in a more extensive context. Since electrotherapy has been used for many years in physiotherapy and rehabilitation science, the growth in its use can be associated with the use of enhanced treatment options because of improvements in electrotherapy devices.

The desired results of electrotherapy can be influenced, particularly by the current type, intensity, voltage, duration and density of the electrical current. Also, the characteristics of the tissue will affect the result of electrotherapy. To achieve the desired results, it is significant that practitioners have a good comprehension of the fundamentals of electrotherapy.

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