NEOLAiA project Kick-off at Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences


On 29th May, 2024 Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences held a significant event where the ŠVK community got familiar with the activities and opportunities of the NEOLAiA project.

The event started with the welcoming speech delivered by Director dr. Lina Tamutienė. She expressed her delight at the importance of the NEOLAiA project and stressed that such projects strengthen the community and promote international cooperation.

Then following the welcome speech by the Deputy Director, Dr Nedas Jurgaitis, who shared his impressions of the recent EURASHE conference in Austria. He presented news and trends in the higher education sector, underlining the importance of innovation and cooperation in this rapidly changing world.

The event also featured presentations by representatives of ten work packages of the NEOLAiA project, Dr Renata Šivickienė (WP1 Project Management), Dr Nedas Jurgaitis (WP5 Increasing the Impact of Regional Research, WP10 Sustainability and Dissemination), dr. Lina Garšvė (WP3 Inclusion and Diversity), Augustina Norkutė (WP4 Enhanced Mobility), Erika Jonuškienė (WP6 Entrepreneurship), Kristina Kulikauskienė (WP7 Towards a Multilingual and Intercultural European University), Laima Naujokienė (WP8 Adopting and Sustaining Open Science), Irmantas Pilypas (WP9 Digital Transformation) and Gina Zdanavičienė (WP10 Sustainability and Dissemination). Dr. Rasa Pocevičienė represents WP2 Improving Teaching and Learning, unfortunately she was not able to participate in the event, her WP was presented by dr. Nedas Jurgaitis. They gave a detailed presentation to the ŠVK community on the activities, objectives and vision of their work packages. Each work package presented its contribution to the project, highlighting key aspects and future opportunities.

In January 2020 ŠVK became a member of NEOLAiA Alliance, and in July 2023 the Alliance was awarded with the funding to implement EU European Universities Initiative.

The aim of NEOLAiA is to strengthen international cooperation between higher education institutions located in the regions and to create new opportunities for students and teachers. The presentation highlighted how each work package contributes to this objective, what activities are underway and what results are expected in the near future.

The event provided the opportunity for the ŠVK community to get a closer look at the NEOLAiA project, its structure and objectives, as well as to encourage active involvement and participation in the project activities. The event not only informed about the project progress, but also encouraged cooperation and networking among the community members, which is essential for the success of the project.

The NEOLAiA‘s representatives at Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences expressed their hope that the NEOLAiA project activities will continue to contribute to the growth and development of the Institution and that the community will actively participate in this important process.